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Large heat treatment machine
Heat treatment furnace
Weight 2000kg

Large coating machine
coating machine
Under the accuracy management method, temperature distribution is always excellent.
Even more, heating temprerature and cooling velocity is controlled by an automatic program.
ICS can carry out the process that respond to the cusomer's request and with conditions suitable for materials.
Especailly for heat treatment in magnetic materials, we have various kinds of methods for heating and cooling.

We are ready to perform various types of heat treatment and brazing corresponding to the materials.
The maximum degree of vacuum we can reach is 10-4Pa.
Some furnace atmospheric gas available to use are vacuum,H₂, Ar, N₂, CO₂, O₂, and Air.
Performing with non-oxidation heating furnace, pickling process and removing oxide scale are not necessary.

Hard coating is the-state-of-art technology that can deposit thin hard ceramic layer on the surface of metals and kinds.
Various kinds of layers have physical charactristics that help improving the performance of machine parts, automobile parts, mold components, and cutting tools and more.
Some typical examples of excellent effects are made in "Wear resistance", "Release characteristics", "Corrision resistance" and "Low friction".

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