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<Acquisition of patent rights on gear coating>(No.5623709)
With our technical strength and prompt response for customers needs,
we can contribute to the improvement of products.

The DLC film deposition technology was given birth by Aisenberg and Chabot in 1971.
DLC have been developed various film foaming methods and a variety of characteristics.
Today, this technology is having people's attention of many industrial fields.

Our DLC process have a distinctive characteristic with its method that we combined with magnetron sputtering and PACVD for foaming layers.
Our DLC coating is used in many industrial areas, such as "automotive parts", "machinary parts", "machining tools", and "mold component".
The layers posesses special features.
Some of them are "low friction", "wear resistance", "high corrosion resistance", and "low adhesion". They are highly-praised by customers.

ICS is always ready to develop original custom-made layers that will optimize a characteristics of customer demands.
Some of them are Hi-Coat(dlc2230) - for standard use, Hi-Coat{(dlc6230) - for high facial pressure resistance, - GSI(dlc0033) - for excellent lubrication-free and low friction use.

automobile parts, wafer cassettes, mold components, chip sawes, compressors, cutter, endmill, and others
automobile parts wafer cassettes mold components engine parts
compressor parts cutter endmill iron

Distinctive features
    of ICS's DLC
With high-capacity machine, mass production items are available
To provide a optimal layer
Some distinctive layers are used for racing machines
Highly practical products are conformed with measuring devices
ICS is certified with quality management system - ISO9001

Typical features of ICSfs DLC
Pocesses a small coeficient of friction
Having sufficient resistance in abrasive wear
Having burning resistant properties
Having fretting wear resistant properties
Having pitching resistant properties
Having rusting resistant especially for petroleum fuel
Excellent in film adhesive force to material
Soft metals won't adhered easily
Some resin can prevent component from adhesion
To provide a DLC layer for high-technical parts as engine parts

able to improve the efficiency of the compressor, pump, and engine
Able to reduce the energy consumption of the device
Available to replace heavy parts with light coated parts
Reduce friction resistance and provide necessary luburication
Provide relief for high facial pressure component
Excellent in layer thickness accuracy
Keeps clean surface and preventing dust from rising
Can reduce built-up edges to form
Some resin can provide good release properties

Some examples of ICS's DLC properties
Hi-CoatiDLC 2230j Offering for the standard terms of use
Hi-Coat+iDLC 6230j Offering for the high facial pressure use
GSIiDLC 0033j Offering for lubrication-free and low friction use

Product name Hi-Coat Hi-Coat+ GSI
DLC No. 2230 6230 0033
Film deposition technology PVD/PACVD PACVD
Film deposition temperature Below 250
Normal layer thickness/m 2-3 3-4 2-3
Maximum layer thickness/m 5 6 10
Indentation hardness/Gpa 36 21
Coefficient of friction 0.15 0.05
Indentation elasticity modulus/Gpa 250 190
@Measured by gnanoindentationh

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