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We are expert at performing the Metal Heat Treatment.
With our special knowledge and treatment on the metallography and the Heat Treatment, the mechanical property of material will be able to meet customer’s requirement.
In addition, we know through experience to maximize the performance of the furnace potential.
As a result, the metal piece has a shine through the Heat Treatment.

Possession of years of experience, many employees are technical expertise of heat cycle pattern.
They also have expert knowledge on material itself. These are primary important factors on this treatment.

example of Annealing

Hardening: Heating the metal work-piece to a suitable temperature, it becomes stronger and stiffened.
Some general kind of methods are Quenching・Tempering・Precipitation Hardening, and Age Hardening.
Customers can choose the methods based on their structure and their intended purpose of product's characteristic.
The main purpose is to soften the work-piece after machine processing.
After performing this process, the work-piece turn back to original structure and this method can remove its residual stress as well.


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