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Heat Treatment: A technical heating and cooling cycle pattern that can change the physical or chemical property of material.
Possession of years of experience, technical expertise of heat cycle pattern and expert knowledge on material itself are primary important factors on this treatment.

【Picture right】
(SEM:magnification 10,000 times)
SUS404 martensite structure

Another method to harden the Metal work-piece.
Not likely to Quenching,typical temperature for this process is setting lower than it.
At the temperature around 500℃ is used to strength and to hard the metal.
This method also can increase elasticity of the metal.
This method places less stress on the work-piece.

Age Hardening of beryllium copper or copper-titanium alloys
This treatment makes the metal stronger and harder with holding high elasticity.

Precipitation treatment of Precipitation Hardening on stainless steel (PH steel)
The properties of the metal are able to control by choosing the Heat Treatment methods.
For working on machining of the metal, you choose the work-piece to be soft.
After working on machining, we can again make the metal harder.

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